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Hong Kong ABA Teletherapy

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ABA Therapy at your fingertips

As a distance virtual therapy, ABA Teletherapy maximize use of appropriate digital technologies in order to access and provide health care services remotely. In this era of time, distance learning is indeed the new norm. In home ABA therapy puts the child and family’s safety in mind, we aim to continue familiar routines for children and eliminate the need for families to travel for our tailor-made services. We will be providing alternative distance services during COVID19 for both parents and children. As the services are provided routinely and consistently, it will decrease possible regression of mastered skills.


Tailor-made Program at your service

Distance ABA Therapy

Early intervention during preschool years, between 2 to 6 years old, is of vital importance in the child’s development. It helps in molding children to learn social, communication, functional and behavioral skills during this critical period. Instead of being hindered by the current global pandemic, we would want to maximize children’s functioning ability to their fullest. Hence, we introduce you all to our tailor-made distance service ABA therapy for the time being.

Due to circumstances caused by COVID-19, we aim to provide Zoom services to both parents and children as an alternative during this difficult time. Our parent training is designed to educate parents [in depth] on how to assist, reinforce and prompt their child while having our ABA 1 on 1 lesson at home. Not only parents get to understand more and manage your child’s behavior, the parent-child relationship would significantly increase as parents build closer rapport with their children. The parent’s involvement is key in the treatment process in order to have a positive outcome for your child. We aim to provide the best distance service to the children with the collaboration of parents and caregivers’ effort.


1. Parental Involvement

Enabling parents and caregivers to notice and inquire the real time update of your child’s learning progress.

2. Tailor-Made Program

Our Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) would assess and create lesson plans based on your child’s ability.

3. Interactive Lessons

Including different modes of interactive play in lesson, so as to keep your child always intrigued and engaged.

4. One-on-One Teaching

Gauging your child’s progress and mastery item, as well as providing appropriate support based on your child’s level.

Accessing your child’s inner world

Remote Group Activities

In our remote group class, our main target is providing a comfortable environment for your children to socialize and learn more about common social phenomena. In this group activity class, we aim to target children aged 3 to 6 years old, preparing them for the social cues in primary school setting. Through play-based learning, we would incorporate in different social rules and norms for them to tackle. Providing a natural, fun and safe environment for them to build social awareness of their surroundings. Our remote group class is set to include 4 to 5 children per class, further developing your child’s theory of mind through interactions with others. Allowing your child to enhance their social skills and build up their confidence in a safe environment.


1. Socialize Remotely

Creating a chance for your child to interact with others at the ease of technology, providing positive social support.


2. Materials Provided

Saving the trouble where our therapists would prepare all the arts and craft material for your child to have fun with.


3. Parent-child bonding

An opportunity for parents and children to connect through activities, allowing parents to notice the improvements in their child.


4. Play-based learning

Create activities from everyday items available in your child’s surroundings to motivate and reinforce acquisition of skills.


Our supervisors are BCBAs

BCBA is a graduate level certification, which stands for “Board Certified Behavior Analyst”. It is a standard established by professionals and is constantly modified and updated to meet the changing needs of our society. Hence, all of our supervisors are BCBAs or are working towards getting BCBA.

From a Mile to a Smile

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