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About BCBA

Board Certified Behaviour Analyst

What is BCBA?

When you are looking for behaviour therapy, you would come across people who claim themselves as behaviour analysts or a BCBA. So what is it exactly? BCBA, stands for “Board Certified Behaviour Analyst”, is a graduate level certification in behaviour analysis. It is a standard established by BACB “Behaviour Analyst Certification Board®”. BCBAs are qualified to supervise the work of Board Certified Assistant Behaviour Analysts (BCaBA), Registered Behaviour Technicians (RBT), and others who implement behaviour-analytic interventions. Simply put, BCBA is the minimum requirement to become a supervisor or behaviour consultant. They have the credentials to design and implement treatment plans. As a BCaBA, he/she must receive supervision from a BCBA and cannot work independently. However, supervising RBTs are allowed.

About the organization

BCBA is a non profit organization, it started in Florida since 1998. Soon after, in 2000, it went international. The aim of BCBA is to establish a minimum standard for behaviour analyst. BCBA requirements are written by professionals in the field and are constantly modified and updated to meet the changing needs.

Until today, there are 22,620 behaviour analysts globally, and certification courses are provided by different universities around the world. In Hong Kong, there are 43 behaviour analysts and around 48 in mainland China, which is only 1.7% of the BCBA population in Florida.

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Does BCBA credential = Autism Expert?

It is important to note that BCBA is a qualification for behaviour analyst, which could be applied in different practice. So if a person holds a BCBA does not mean he is an autism expert, despite that’s what most people think. In fact, when you are approached by a BCBA, the first question you need to ask him is “when did you get your certification, did you receive any training in autism?”

To identify a good behaviour therapist for autism
here are a couple key points to remember


Has to have experience working with individuals with autism, ideally around the age group as your child


Has experience working with a wide range of age groups and different functioning level


Knows how to apply different technologies in ABA, such as Discrete trial teaching, prompting, activity base, etc


Has experience working in different settings, such as one on one, groups, school shadowing, etc.


Teaches generalization to different environment and people


Makes swift changes according to the behaviours of the child


Makes functional assessment, to find out the cause of behaviour, and design intervention accordingly

Our supervisors are BCBAs

BCBA is a graduate level certification, which stands for “Board Certified Behaviour Analyst”. It is a standard established by professionals and is constantly modified and updated to meet the changing needs of our society. Hence, all our supervisors are BCBAs or are working towards getting BCBA.

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