ABA Services

From a Mile to a Smile

From a Mile to a Smile

We provide a wide range of home- and center-based ABA services for toddlers to teenagers. Our programs are bespoke based on your child’s needs to bring the best and most effective outcome.

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Every child is unique, as well as their needs

Tailor-Made ABA Programs

Monthly clinical meeting and weekly supervision to work synchronically together with you and your child

Behavior improvement

Identify the functions of behavior and use reinforcement systems to reduce the behavior problems.

Emotion Regulation

Teach your child how to identify and express emotions in a positive and appropriate manner.

Social Skills

Gradually help your child to cope with requirements in school and other social environments.

Language Skills

We focus on improving pronunciation, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

Cognitive Ability

Elevate your child’s cognitive ability and apply the skills to daily life.

Learning Ability

Establish a positive learning attitude and make learning more effective.

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ABA Intensive 1-on-1

We provide intensive therapy according to your child’s needs. Our supervisors and therapists work as a team to bring therapy beyond satifaction.

Our tailor-made programs are the most effective training for your child.  With a one to one ratio, our therapists are constantly attending to your child’s needs and progress. We adjust programs and pace to strive for the most effective outcome.

All-rounded Development

We tackle all the skills that are needed for children to adapt to their environment.

Real-life Application

With a mixture of fun activities, we bring learning to home, communities, and their schools.

Numbers Speak

We achieve various goals and bring countless smiles to families.

Families received our service
from non verbal to verbal
Acquire verbal abilities
Able to communicate in full sentences

ABA Social Group

What’s better than making friends while learning?

 In this crafted environment, it can serve as a great steppingstone to simulate social interactions.

The social groups aim to help language development, social awareness, communication skills and many more! 

Prepare for School

Increase Independence

Improve Social Interest

Cooperate and Share

School Shadow

Our shadow teachers are more than a personal assistant; we are also mentors and life coaches who set your child up with the right mindset and guide him or her through different obstacles and social dilemma.

We work closely with schools! Our supervisors visit the school frequently to provide supervision and discuss with teachers to keep all parties on track.

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Training Schoolteachers

We provide services to schoolteachers by offering training, consultation, and support in implementing effective strategies to promote positive behaviors and learning in their classrooms.


We offer workshops to schools, providing teachers with valuable trainings and strategies to effectively support students with diverse needs and promote a positive learning environment.

Case Studies

We collaborate with schools to review each individual case, sharing insights and evidence-based approaches to address specific challenges and promote student success through collaborative problem-solving.

Staff trainings

We provide comprehensive training to teachers, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to support students in need, promoting their academic, social, and behavioral success.

Behavior Planning

We join teachers to develop individualized behavior plans for students in need, targeting their weaknesses and identifying ways to improve behavior issues.


We conduct classroom observations to assess student behaviors, this helps identify patterns, triggers, and areas of improvement to develop effective intervention strategies for academic and behavioral success.

From a Mile to a Smile

We are here to walk this journey with you