From a Mile to a Smile

About Us

We’re a team of dedicated autism therapists ready to join you and your children on this journey

Diverse professional background

At autismilee, we take pride in our diverse team members  from various professional backgrounds. With expertise spanning psychology, education, social work, clinical psychology, and more, our employees bring unique perspectives and skills. This diversity fuels innovation, fosters collaboration, and enables us to tackle challenges from multiple angles.

We take training seriously

At our company, we prioritize training and development. We believe in empowering our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to excel. Through comprehensive training programs, workshops, and continuous learning opportunities, we invest in our team’s growth, ensuring they stay ahead in their respective fields.

Skill-building Professional development days

We hold regular professional development days. These dedicated days provide opportunities for our team to attend activities, workshops, and training sessions, keeping us up-to-date with the latest industry trends and enhancing our professional skills.

ABA Therapist

Regular meetings

Regular meetings are an integral part of our company’s operations. We believe in open communication and collaboration, which is why we hold regular meetings to discuss progress, share updates, brainstorm ideas, and ensure alignment. These meetings foster teamwork, enhance coordination, and drive the overall success of our organization.

Proactive Preparation

To ensure our therapists deliver the highest quality of service, we prioritize providing them with ample preparation time for their sessions. We recognize the importance of thorough planning, research, and tailoring of training strategies. By allowing sufficient preparation time, our therapists can deliver personalized and effective interventions to meet each individual’s unique needs.

Autism Therapist

“Learning can be fun and creative! What I advocate to do is, to provide fun learning to children with autism as early as possible, to share my knowledge and provide support to the families and caregivers, bringing a mile to a smile.”

- Jason Wu

Founder & Director, BCBA,M.Ed.

Our Supervisors

Quincy Lau

Clinical Consultant | BCBA

Hilda Tsang

Clinical Supervisor | BCBA | Registered Social Worker

Iris Wat

Clinical Supervisor | BCBA

Melody Wong

Clinical Psychologist (Member of Division of Clinical Psychology) | Hong Kong Psychological Society

We are here to walk this journey with you