From a Mile to a Smile

About Us

We are a team of passionate autism therapists who wish to walk this journey with you and your children

We individualize programs

Our professional and passionate autism therapists understand that each child has different needs, whether they are autistic, ADHD or other developmental delays, we tailor-make programs to make sure they are most suitable for their development.

Autism Therapist

We make learning fun

We believe children learn best under a fun environment. Our programs are incorporated into engaging and amusing activities, which ensure our students to learn happily and effectively.

We ensure high-quality therapy

Our supervisors closely monitor each case to ensure that our students are applying the learned skills into their daily life. All therapists receive extensive training for at least 220 hours per year, so that they can immediately review and make appropriate adjustments to teaching.

ABA Therapist

“Learning can be fun and creative! What I advocate to do is, to provide fun learning to children with autism as early as possible, to share my knowledge and provide support to the families and caregivers, bringing a mile to a smile.”

- Jason Wu

Founder & Director, BCBA,M.Ed.

Our supervisors

Quincy Lau

Clinical Consultant | BCBA

Hilda Tsang

Clinical Supervisor | Registered Social Worker

Iris Wat

Clinical Supervisor | Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Melody Wong

Clinical Psychologist (Member of Division of Clinical Psychology) | Hong Kong Psychological Society

We are here to walk this journey with you

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