We’ve brought smiles to over 100 families

with children of different ages, functioning levels, and different cultural backgrounds.


100% of our parents witness improvements within 3 months.


Tailor-made programs and materials to suit your child’s needs

Fun Learning

Bring smiles from before treatment to after treatment.


Enhance language, social skills, and tackle ritualistic behaviours.

Our Services

Designed to maximize progress

Bring smiles to your child and your family.


Intensive 1 on 1

We provide centre-based or home-based interventions according to your needs.

Language Communication

Emotion Regulation

Behaviour Management

Basic Social Interactions

Self Help

Social Group

A great way to learn with friends! It serves as a stepping stone to simulate social environment.

Prepare For School

Increase Independence

Improve Social Interests

Improve Interaction With Peers

Cooperate and Share

School Shadow

Our shadow teacher is your child’s personal assistant, bridging his/her needs to the natural environment.

Learn Different Social Norms

Provide Guidance to Confront Social Conflicts

Accomplish School Demands

Build Long Term Sustainable Friendship

Psychological Assessment

Our clinical psychologist helps us better understand your child, which will enable our team to design suitable programs.

Identify diagnosis in a detailed report

Assist with special schools applications / Referral of children to special schools

Report diagnosis to school and related government organizations

Suggest treatment direction

How We Work

Our Team

Autism is not contagious, but our smiles are!

Meet our passionate team

Jason Wu

Founder & Director | Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Since graduation in Canada, Jason immediately immersed in the field of working with children with autism and has been professionally trained as a therapist in one of the largest ABA providers. He has been working with diverse individuals with autism of different age range and settings, such as conducting 1 on 1 at home or centre settings, social groups and school shadowing.

In the past years of working as a therapist, he has seen children of different ages suffer because they couldn’t come into contact with services. Hence, he started autismilee, and focused on training a new generation of therapists. His current duties include supervising different therapists, provide training and workshops for therapists, parents and teachers, as well as overseas consultations. To promote awareness of autism, Jason periodically provides workshops and shares information about autism in different media platforms.

What I advocate to do is, to provide different services and trainings for children with autism as early as possible, to share my knowledge and provide support to the families and caregivers, bringing miles to smiles.

Quincy Lau

Associate Clinical Program Supervisor | Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

Quincy has been working with children with autism since 2008. She was a clinical supervisor for an NGO which served underprivileged families with children with autism. Her expertise lies in supervising cases, designing curriculums, training therapists, and conducting workshops for schools and parents. She is also dedicated to increasing public awareness and parent education through parent blogs.

Children with autism see the world from a different angle. I am here to view the world at their angle, understand them, and help them thrive for a brighter future.

Hilda Tsang

Clinical Supervisor | Registered Social Worker

For the past 10 years, she has been working extensively with children with autism of different age range and in different settings, including one-on-one centre and home-based training, kindergarten and primary school shadowing services. As a trained social worker, she focuses not only on individual needs but also the concerns and dynamics within a family and is competent in bringing them together to maximize the full potential of the child. At autismilee, she focuses on supervision and also overseeing the HK centre.

I would like to walk the journey together with the families of children with special needs.

Melody Wong

Clinical Psychologist | Member of Division of Clinical Psychology, Hong Kong Psychological Society

Melody has over 7 years of clinical experience especially in assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental and emotional disorders. As a Clinical Psychologist, Melody has been working with government-funded services, NGOs, private clinics and schools. She is an expert in offering practical recommendations for families and schools to best support a child’s development based on the child’s unique context and best practices in the field. Melody currently provides psychological assessment services at autismilee.

When we open our hearts to understand, we will find that we are more alike than we are different.
  • Shun Shun’s Parent
    Within a short 4 months, my son has made superb progress in terms of social skills, behavioral problems and creativity. We are very happy with his all-rounded improvements.
    Shun Shun’s Parent
  • Max’s Parent
    My son interacts more with me with cheerful smiles after the intervention. As a parent, nothing comes better than this.
    Max’s Parent
  • Jame's Parent
    Thanks to the tailor-made teaching plans at autismilee, my son started to speak and was able to use long sentences after a year. He is now studying in mainstream kindergarten. I am overjoyed.
    Jame's Parent
  • Harry’s Parent
    Since having a shadow teacher provided at autismilee, my son has been much more attentive in class. We are also very happy to see him making friends and having fun together after joining the social group.
    Harry’s Parent
  • Carrie’s Parent
    When my daughter told me the other day, ‘Daddy does not need to work today, I am happy.’ I could not help but smile to see her talks so well! If your child has similar needs like my daughter, I would definitely recommend autismilee.
    Carrie’s Parent

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