ABA Overseas Services

From a Mile to a Smile

International Support for Families

Our ABA company can provide support by sending a team of therapists to assist families located overseas.

  • High Quality Services
  • Flexible Supervision Options
  • A Blend of East and West Values
  • Close Monitoring
  • Private and Confidential Services
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High Quality Services

We guarantee high-quality services for families overseas by providing experienced therapists who are well-trained and excellent problem-solvers.

Flexible Supervision Options

We offer both online and in-person supervision, ensuring flexibility and accessibility to effectively support families and therapists. 

A Blend of East and West Values


We embrace a visionary perspective that integrates both cultures. Thus, we create a comprehensive approach to program planning that is socially significant, tailored to the unique needs of each learner we serve. 

Close Monitoring

Ongoing supervision is the key to maintaining the quality and effectiveness of our services. Our overseas cases are closely monitored through regular meetings and updates with the families and therapists involved. 

Private and Confidential Services

Privacy is a top priority. We strictly adhere to confidentiality protocols, secure data storage, and comply with privacy regulations provided by BACB and QABA to ensure the confidentiality and protection of our clients’ personal information.

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International Support for Therapists and Organizations

Driven by our mission, we aim to extend our services worldwide, ensuring that individuals in need across different regions can benefit from our expertise and support.

  • Boost Credibility
  • Advanced Business Development
  • Established for 6+ Years
  • Supervision
  • Shared Therapeutic Resources

Boost Credibility

With multiple supervisors possessing 10+ years of experience. Our services provide high standards and best practices. Through transferring our experience and techniques, your organization can attain the same level of credibility and excellence.

Advanced Business Development

By utilizing our well-designed training modules, scheduling system, and comprehensive evaluation system, it enables you to optimize your operations, enhance employee capabilities, and deliver quality services, elevating you to a more superior position than your competitors.  

Established for 6+ Years

With over 6 years of establishment, our company’s extensive experience positions us well to provide valuable assistance to other organizations.

On-site Supervision 

We offer on-site supervision, allowing supervisors to provide immediate constructive feedback to therapists and make real-time amendments to student programs. This ensures personalization and accelerating progress.

Shared Therapeutic Resources

We are committed to sharing therapeutic resources with other organizations and providing valuable supervisor training in order to enhance their services, productivity, and sustainability.

From a Mile to a Smile

We are here to walk this journey with you​