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My son is now more willing to interact and share himself with others than I had ever imagined! After joining autismilee, my son’s play skills are not limited to lining up toys. Instead, he would add imagination to his toys and share his masterpiece with me! I’m so glad to see his improvement!

Since my kid began training at autismilee, his social skills have improved tremendously! And he starts to show interest in interacting with other people now. In the beginning he only echoed the name that people called him, but now, he is able to initiate greeting with teachers and peers, and name them correctly. I am so happy to see his improvement!

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Before attending autismilee, my kid tended to get irritable and agitated when he heard the siren sound from the police car or ambulance. He would scream and flop on the floor. Thanks to autismilee’s systematic teaching and desensitization programs, he is now able to cover his ears, stay calm and does not cause disturbance to other people. The fact that he can stay calm with the noises is beyond my imagination!

My daughter used to only cry when she wanted something even though she was able to speak. With the help of autismilee, she is now able to use appropriate language and say the object name when she wants something. This is something that my wife and I had never expected. Thank you autismilee and all the amazing teachers there! I am glad that I have made the right choice for her.

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At the beginning, my son never engaged in social interaction for more than 1s.  He would not look at me at all and had no interest in interacting with people, but after attending autismilee for just 2 weeks, he showed great improvement in responding to his name when we called him. He can also wave his hands when people greet him now. This is just awesome! My wife and I couldn’t be happier!

My son used to run around and did not allow me to hold his hands when we walked. He would like to touch door knobs, press buttons, and play with doors. Sometimes he would just flop on the floor when he did not get what he wanted. His behavior had been a huge safety concern to us, especially during the pandemic. He became a totally different child at autismilee in just a month. He can walk nicely and keep his hands to himself when we go out to different places now.  His behavior change is just a lifesaver to parents!

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My son is 5 years old now. Before going to autismilee, my wife and I have tried many ways to potty train him in about 2 years, but got no luck. He liked to wear a diaper and did not allow us to take it off. It had been a huge struggle for us because he could not go to school if he had not been potty-trained. In addition to training in the centre, I got really helpful advice for training my son at home. This really sped up his learning process. Now he can tell me when he wants to go to the toilet. Amazing!

From a Mile to a Smile

We are here to walk this journey with you​

We are blessed to find autismilee for ABA training. My boy loves everyone in the center. Therapists guide him out from loneliness toward a brighter future. Hope autismilee can keep this good work for all the needed one.

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We still remember how we felt when we brought our daughter for assessment at autismilee a year ago. As of today, we can see the silver linings from the clouds now. From speaking single words to speaking complete sentences; from not following rules to attending group lessons and completing simple instructions from the therapists; from not being able to communicate with strangers to having a small talk; all these changes have not been simple, and we have all taken baby steps and been patient. Hilda, Iris, and Nataile are a lot more like my daughter’s friend than a supervisor or therapist. They have walked through numerous assessments with her, helped her adapt to different environmental changes and challenges, and emboldened her ceaselessly in learning this world. We believe, when my daughter has grown up, she would definitely appreciate everyone she met at autismilee in her journey.  

We appreciate autismilee for all the caring for my daughter. Now she has caught up with the milestones at her age. We believe the supervisors and therapists must have made tremendous efforts. Please keep up the good work and let more family see the silver linings.

I am especially grateful to Hilda and Jason, who have provided professional opinions for us when we were helpless and let Him Him obtain the appropriate support at the right time! The professional therapists, like Cary, Elaine and Iris have always been here with Him Him, solving our immediate problems and concerns, and helping Him Him to make much great improvement in this journey!

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That’s what happened when I told the kindergarten my kid has ASD:

“Ms. Ng, please understand that we can only allow 1.5 months for your kid to improve…”, said the nursery N class teacher.

My kid was 2.5 years old, and had attended school for just a few days, but had already received malicious feedback, criticizing his ability to learn and comply. 

Withholding my negative thoughts, I started looking for solutions on the internet and getting curious about the word “ABA”.

In the first meeting at autismilee with Jason, after some brief observation, Jason could already lucidly describe my son’s situation. We gave strong hope to autismilee and gave it a shot!

After just a month, my son was able to call daddy’s and mommy’s names, know which district he lives in, and say what he likes. We could never have imagined these changes!

It’s been 6 months now. My son is able to express his basic needs now.

Thanks Ms. Hayley, Ms. Iris, Ms. Vivien, and Ms. Cassy for their devoted teaching and support, helping our family to bottom out, and getting back on the right track.

In just the first month, my son already showed significant improvement at autismilee. After a year of training, he is able to change from speaking monosyllables to full sentences. Thanks to suitable teaching plans and wonderful therapists at autismilee, my son has shown awesome improvement in just a year. Now he is able to study at a mainstream kindergarten. Before going to kindergarten, the team at autismilee had designed training plans for improving my sons’ social skills. After the training, my son was more ready for school than other typical developing classmates!

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Even since my son joined this program, he has been a lot more interactive with us. He has got rid of some of his stubbornness, and his drive for learning has drastically improved as well.

When my daughter was diagnosed with ASD, we were lost and perplexed. Luckily, we found autismilee! Thanks to the professional teaching from all of the therapists, my daughter has improved a lot within just half a year.  From using a single word to using full sentences to express herself, from not knowing how to comply with instructions to being able to learn in kindergarten, everything did not come at the push of a button. We especially appreciate Hilda for not only her professional opinions, but also her patience and caring for children! Words cannot describe our thankfulness.

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My son has been attending the behavior training session at autismilee since 2019. All the therapists at autismilee are well-trained and experienced. They fully understand the needs and know how to communicate with children with special needs. My son learnt and improved a lot in these years. I would like to say ‘thank you’ to all the therapists in autismilee, thanks for your kindness, patience and support. Agnes

After my son joining the training, he improved significantly. Supervisor will have a meeting with us every month and tailor-made the program according to his needs.

 I appreciate the therapists for the nice and patient attitude toward my son. Until now, he has already joined the training for 9 months, we can clearly see he is getting big improvement in his language development, cognitive development, behavioral and social skills. We are grateful for the effort of the therapist and consultant, thank you!

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Hei hei had joined the training for 10 months. Thank you Ms. Ames and Mr. Henry for helping hei hei getting such a great improvement. We can clearly see the difference after he joined training, such as being more interactive and initiative to communicate with others. He learned to response others’ questions and instructions as well. Until now, hei hei still can remember Ms. Ames and Mr. Henry!

My daughter’s behavior was significantly improved after having ABA training in a year. She would not throw tantrum easily and had learnt how to wait. Thanks all the therapists for teaching her so well!

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From a Mile to a Smile

If in doubt, seek assessment as soon as possible.