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Thanks to the tailor-made teaching plans at autismilee, my son started to speak and was able to speak and was able to use long sentences after a year. He is now studying in mainstream kindergarten. I am overjoyed. 

Jame's Father 

Since having a shadow teacher provided at autismilee, my son has been much more attentive in class. We are also very happy to see him making friends and having fun together after joining the social group. 

Harry’s Parent 

Within a short 4 months, my son has made superb progress in terms of social skills, behavioral problems and creativity. We are very happy with his all-rounded improvements. 

Shun Shun’s Mother 

My son interacts more with me with cheerful smiles after the intervention. As a parent, nothing comes better than this. 

Max’s Mother 

When my daughter told me the other day, ‘Daddy does not need to work today, I am happy.’ I could not help but smile to see her talks so well! If your child has similar needs like my daughter, I would definitely recommend autismilee. 

Carrie’s Mother 

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